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Đèn ngoại cảnh NiceFoto N6M 600W Photoviet
Đèn ngoại cảnh NiceFoto N6M 600W Photoviet

 Output: 600Ws
Guide Number: 89
Camera System: For Nikon or Canon
Manual only, no TTL
Compatible HSS 1/8000s
Can be remotely triggered with Nicefoto TX-C02 or TX-N02 trigger (sold separately)
Freeze flash 1/20000s
Multi mode
Battery Powered for portability
1st curtain sync
2nd curtain sync for Nikon (no 2nd curtain sync for Canon)
Groups: A/B/C
15 Channels
ID 00-99
FEC not supported
A:BC not supported
Recycling time: 2.5s
500 full power flashes per full battery charge
Li-on Battery: 12V 6600mAh
Charging time: approx 6 hours
Output stops: 1/128s (+/- 0.3)
LED Lamp: 10W
Carry Bag and charger included
10.500.000 VND
Giá trước đây : 13.500.000 VND
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