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Follow Focus F3 Photoviet
 DSLR 15 Meter FF A / B Hardline Follow Focus For Road Rail Cameras 5D2 5D3 7D 60D 600D
A follow follow is a focus control mechanism used in film and video cameras. it is working rather than strictly necessary; In other words it does not contribute to the basic function of a camera but rather allows the operator to be more efficient and accurate. It is usually operated by a puller focus but some camera operators prefer to pull their own focus.
The mechanism of action through a set of gears on the focus track is attached to the teeth on the focus ring of the lens. The gears feed to a wheel that, when turned by a puller focus, will spin the teeth and thus the ring into the lens.
Focus Integrates with A / B Hard Stops. You want to be able to easily start / stop the settings for fast repeat shelves between two points. The focus lens has no hard stop (said Canon EF lens) is now easily obtainable;
You can also drag focus anywhere as you like and easily trace the previous lens position setting.
Fully gear-driven design for slider-free, accurate, and repeatable focus.
Mounting meets standard 15 meter Rod Support (60 center center meter);
Loaves can be mounted from either side;
suitable for industrial standard 15 meter rods.
Package includes:
1 x F3 A/B Follow Focus
1 x Stroke ring
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