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Dragon C200 DSLR Camera Cage Kit Set Photoviet
1. To provide you with a stable and accurate low shot video capture platform 
2. Human engineering design, angles and positioning can be adjusted as needed 
3. Installation available Video capture series of related accessories 
4. which with photo and video camera for SLR camera apply 1/4 "screw hole 
5. the bottom of the rabbit cage with a 1/4 and 3/8 screw hole, yes Can be installed on the tripod 
6. use of international standard can be installed 15 meters diameter rail (center pipe distance of 60 meters)
7. the cage with a quick release function, easy to get the camera on, the upper and lateral sides of the foam design, standard 1/4 and 3/8 of the screw hole camera can Is connected to many types of attachments such as magic arm, monitor, microphone, etc ... 
8. increased dimmer box, easy to adjust lighting. 
9. Increased focus makes concentration easier. 
Video capture bracket for DSLRs and video cameras, to provide reliable support. Film and camera can move around the frame conveniently; Light weight aluminum alloy, easy to capture and carry; Sophisticated and beatiful appearance, screw interface components company and safe, convenient and reliable locking device. And can be used with Matte Box Frames, with focus and other accessories, it is the first choice for you to capture high quality video. Specifications 
Net weight: 1449 grams 
Material: Aluminum, ABS plastic 
Suitable for: 
for Canon 6D 7D 60D 70D 5DII 5 DIII Nikon D810 D710 D610 Sony D7X a7 and so on. D Cameras SLR Video DV Camcoder. 
Package Included: 
1 x Cage Camera (Suitable for all DSLR cameras and dvs)
1 x Matte Box (Suitable for less than 85 meters lens diameter) 
1 x According to Focus 
1 x Band Ring (Suitable for less than 100 meters diameter lens 
1 x Direction 
Note: Camera Is not included
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